Monday, February 11, 2013

What Is Your Favorite Airplane?



TPE Last Day 025Of all the airplanes I have flown on, the Boeing 747-400 is still “The King Of The Sky” in my opinion.

Being on one reminds me of the “Glory Days” of flying. A time when being on one meant you were going to some distant exotic place and going there in style.




I have not been fortunate to fly on the Airbus A380 but I have heard from others that it is nothing special in the air. For sure, its looks cannot compare to the sleek distinctive design of a 747-400.

The A380 engineers should have been beaten with an ugly stick and sent back to school.



TPE Last Day 021Upper Deck 747-400



For the romance of flying, give me a propeller driven airplane any day. Preferably one with an engine that drips oil, smokes and maybe has to be hand cranked to be started. Even better if the pilots and passengers have to wear leather helmets and goggles.



Skywest EMB-120Short of that, a EMB-120, DC-3, Beech-1900, Dash-8 or Q-400 cannot be beat.

The characteristic hum of those engines put me to sleep every time.

For the fun of flying, don't pass up a chance to see the world upside down in an RV-6.





2011-11-25 16.39.51Although off limits to most, an F-18, MIG-22 or any modern day military fighter jet would be the pinnacle of experiencing the miracle of flight.