Monday, August 16, 2010

130 People Survive Colombian Airline Crash


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While attempting to make a landing early Monday morning at San Andres Island, an Aerovias de Integracion Regional SA Boeing 737 was involved in an unfortunate accident. San Andres Island is a Colombian Island located in the Caribbean, 120 miles east of Nicaragua. Although it can be considered a miracle that only 1 person was killed, I believe part of that miracle relied on the flight crew training, experience and skills.


Colombia CrashOfficials are investigating the possibility that the airplane was struck by lighting. However, it is a rare occurrence that lighting strikes cause accidents.






f09a349736b183523bec Airplanes in general are designed to withstand lighting strikes which can occur often around thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms (depicted in yellow) and their effects like windshear (rapid change in wind speed and direction) are best avoided especially when landing.


What needs to be learned here is what actions could have been taken to avoid accidents like this from happening again. If thunderstorms were close to the airport maybe a landing attempt should have been delayed.

Sometimes even with adequate experience it can be difficult to estimate the effects of a storm on airline, airplane or airport operations. Furthermore, if a flight crew is fatigued their judgment can easily become impaired and safety comprised.

With accidents such as this many questions are raised. We must not be quick to rush to judgment but allow investigators to do their work. Hopefully their conclusions will help us all as passengers or crews to prevent or survive such unfortunate events.


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