Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kudos To Cape Air From PVD To Martha's Vineyard


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Cape 030 With down time while working in Providence, Rhode Island, I get the opportunity to fly Cape Air to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

What an experience!



Checking in at TF (Theodore Francis) Green International Airport or better know as Providence (PVD), I am asked my weight. 200 pounds. Okay, what's a few pounds among friends.


[000001]_1 The friendly gate agent also weighs my backpack.







[000003]_1I guess weight becomes critical when you are flying on a 9 passenger, Cessna 402 airplane.

Boarding according to weight we all end up with window seats in a surprisingly comfortable cabin. With an open seat up front, one lucky passenger gets to sit next to the single pilot operating our flight. Nevertheless, I can tell most of us are just as excited by the unique experience ahead.


[000006] A quick safety briefing by our pilot Captain Kim and we sit back to watch her do her piloting thing.

I am impressed.





[000008]_1Captain Kim takes a few attempts to get the propeller driven engine started then like the Space Shuttle launch, it’s a go.

With a smile, I am taken back to romantic and glory days of flying minus the engine smoke and oil leaks.





[000009] It takes just a few minutes of taxiing around with a window open before Captain Kim has us airborne for Martha's Vineyard a 25 minute flight from Providence.


[000011]_1 Initially the ride is a little bumpy as Captain Kim moves levers and pushes buttons.

Feeling confident we are in good hands, cameras click away as we enjoy the scenery below us.





[000014] About 20 minutes into the flight we begin a gradual descent from about 3000 feet.

A beautiful day gives us a nice view of Martha's Vineyard and more photo opportunities.

A fast ferry but slow compared to us can be seen below heading for the island.




[000015] Lined up for landing, with a gentle thump the Cape Air Cessna 402 returns us to Mother Earth.








[000016] Deplaning, the passengers seated at the rear of the aircraft leave first.

My backpack is retrieved from a compartment behind the left engine and placed with others from the nose section of the airplane.




[000017] We are given more photo opportunities before being escorted along the tarmac to an exit gate.







Cape 002 Welcome to Martha's Vineyard!


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