Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fly Spirit Airlines, Pay For Carry On Luggage


Spirit 003 As of August 1st Spirit Airlines now charges it's passengers for carry on luggage.

Despite politicians like Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York meddling, Spirit has gone ahead with it's previously announced plans.

I say good for Spirit Airlines having the courage to run their business how they see fit to do so.



Spirit 001 I recently flew Spirit to Boston on August 2nd and from what I could tell passengers have quickly adapted to the new fees.

I don't think Spirit has lost many of it's customers as my flight was still relatively full for a weekday 7am departure. It boarded without any problems and departed on time.



Like most businesses Spirit is doing what it feels it must to survive and stay profitable. For some reason, I think politicians and a good portion of the flying public feel that airlines must sacrifice their viability for the sake of cheap airfares.

Most would feel differently if the same standards were applied to where they earned their bread and butter.


Spirit 005 In my opinion baggage fees along with “nickel and diming” of customers would be unnecessary if airlines could upfront get a reasonable price for their product.

In the end, passengers will determine whether Spirit is doing the right thing in charging it's customers extra fees for carry on luggage.

Let the market decide not the politicians.


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