Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cape Air From Martha's Vineyard



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As one of only two passengers going to Providence, Rhode Island from Martha's Vineyard, I am in for a treat.


Cape 003 Returning to Martha's Vineyard Airport (MVY) on Bus No.9 ($2.00) from Oaks Bluff, I check in at Cape Air about 45 minutes prior to departure.

Since the airport is so small there is no hurry to process passengers through TSA security. I am told this will take place about 15 minutes prior to departure.



Martha 091 At “The Plane View” airport restaurant I relax as I have a steaming hot cup of soup. For $5.75 it is chicken and dumpling soup loaded with dumplings and carrots.

From my table I have an “Obstructed View” of the tarmac and other passengers boarding their flight to Boston.




Cape 005

“Now boarding all passengers for Cape Air Flight 1369 to Providence”.


Myself along with the other passenger make up “all passengers” and we are quickly processed through TSA security. Met at the exit door by a Cape Air employee, we are escorted and then boarded on the flight.

To my surprise it is the same pilot, Captain Kim that brought me to Martha's Vineyard that will be flying us back to Providence. This time I get the opportunity to sit upfront next to Captain Kim. I am sort of a honorary Cape Air Co-Pilot.

Expecting the views to be even better than my trip over, I ask permission to take pictures and receive quick approval. My Canon Rebel is ready. 


Cape 006 Taking The Runway At Martha’s Vineyard









Cape 009 Airborne From Martha’s Vineyard









Cape 010 Captain Kim At The Controls









Cape 012



Cape 015 Lonely Passenger








Cape 019 Cessna 402 Flight Deck Instruments








Cape 021 Rhode Island Sound

Although busy as we are getting airborne, at our cruising altitude of about 2500 feet, Captain Kim takes the time to share with me a little about her life as a pilot. Having been employed at Cape Air for about thirteen years she currently flies six round trips a day between Providence (PVD) and Martha's Vineyard (MVY).


Cape 024 New Bedford In The Distance








I wonder if she has any aspirations to work for a “Big Airline” but Captain Kim is quite comfortable with her situation. Even though she can probably make more money elsewhere she is happy being at home every night which can be very rare in the airline business.


Cape 027 Providence Arrival








Twenty five minutes passes to quickly as we are soon lined up for landing at TF Green International. Captain Kim again does a nice professional job safely transporting a few more passengers across Rhode Island Sound.


Cape 029

I hope her skills and experience are well rewarded by Cape Air. Thanks, Captain Kim.


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