Monday, July 26, 2010

My Experience Flying Delta To Madrid


After causing a minor security breach coming from the airport parking building, I quickly return to airport terminal.


Madrid 014 A brief check of the departure display board and I proceed to the Delta ticket counter to check in for my flight.






Madrid 015 Using a kiosk with the assistance of a Delta employee, the check in process is simple and easy even for an international flight.






Showing my identification and boarding pass to a TSA employee, I join a short security line for airport screening.

Using provided bins, I separate my travel companions. Canon and Samsung camera equipment in one bin, Acer notebook laptop in another.

Bare feet, I pass through the center (you should also) of the metal detector. Passing too close to the sides might set it off even if you have no metal on you.


Madrid 017 We start the boarding process about 40 minutes prior to departure on a relatively full flight. Arriving at the gate early, I have time to RELAX and browse the nearby concession shops.





$2.00 is steep for a 16oz bag of M&M's but I need a "melt in your mouth not in your hand" fix.

Delta757 My flight is on board a Boeing 757 where I am assigned a window seat. Leaving the gate on time, the airplane suddenly goes dark as it loses power.

A nearby passenger is quick to note, “They did say to turn off all electrical devices”. This causes a burst of laughter and my flight is off to a humorous start.


The Captain informs us about the situation and the problem is quickly resolved. Apparently, the aircraft auxiliary power unit (APU) had shutdown.


Madrid 024 Airborne, I get a nice view of South Florida coastline and building afternoon thunderstorms in the distance.

Further north a glimpse of America's Space Coast and Cape Canaveral, the Space Shuttle launch site.


Madrid 029 Before long we are descending into Atlanta for an on time arrival.

A 3 hour sit at Atlanta Hartsfield's, the world's busiest airport, gives me time to RELAX and explore what the airport has to offer.





Madrid 040 En-route to my next gate, I deny myself the indulgence of a 3 for 1 Caramel Apple Special.








Madrid 043 Or Sam Adams Beer.








Madrid 044 Following the sounds of black and ivory notes, I am thinking “Play us a song” as I approach The Piano Bar located in Terminal E.








Madrid 046 About an hour before departure I am at the boarding gate for my flight to Madrid.

For security reasons, passengers must be on board international flights at least 30 minutes prior to departure.

Failure to do so can lead to denied boarding as bags are removed for passengers that do not actually board the flight.


For an on time departure, airlines must have sufficient time to do so hence the 30 minute cut-off.

This evening the flight time is about 8 hours and 30 minutes to Madrid. On board a Boeing 767, the seats are relatively comfortable with individual seat back entertainment.

My plan as always on international flights is to attempt to adjust my body time to my new destination. It is almost 1am in Madrid as Spain is six hours ahead of east coast time.

Somewhere over the North Atlantic dinner is served. A night cap with a guy named Jack and a girl named Ginger (Jack Daniels and Canada Dry Ginger Ale) and I vaguely remember reclining seat.


Madrid 054 Peeking from behind heavy eyelids, I open a window shade and Delta 108 is well into it’s descent for Madrid, Spain.





Now I am taking in a view of Spain from thousands of feet up in the air. The skies above are clear and blue accented only by an occasional whisper cloud.


Madrid 052The air below is also clear and gives a great view of the Spanish landscape.







Madrid 059 With the morning sun warming it's left side, the airplane's shadow follows us all the way to a smooth touchdown.








Spain 178 Bienvenido, A Madrid!










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