Saturday, July 3, 2010

24 Hours Before Having A Pleasant Airline Experience


Most airline employees have some form of addiction to The Weather Channel although few will admit that it is a problem.


ussat_277x187 I am an admitted recovering addict who thinks Stephanie Abrams is 98 degrees and I highly recommend The Weather Channel as a part of your travel plans.

The Weather Channel (




With your travel date approaching, check for weather not only at your departure or arrival cities but also any connecting city.


f09a349736b183523bec If bad weather is affecting San Antonio tonight and you will be connecting through Houston tomorrow then you may want to adjust your travel plans. In the United States, weather systems typically move West to East so what happens in San Antonio tonight may affect Houston in the morning. The weather does not respect The Las Vegas Rule.



Depending on the type of ticket purchased or airline that you are flying you may have options to change your flight if you find yourself in this situation.


CO_routemap_usa Maybe you can be routed through another connecting city or be put on a non stop flight. Most airlines charge a nominal fee to make ticket changes but this can be worthwhile if it reduces your travel stress.







Since you are already surfing the web, browse on over to your airlines website and check in for your flight online. This is a nice improvement to airline customer service. Although you may have chosen your seats weeks ago, the type of airplane you will be flying may have changed.

AA This voids your original seat selection. So, grab that window or aisle seat now before someone else does.





I have seen too many times at the airport, customers showing up the gate thinking they have particular seats only to end up with different ones.


high-five_~k1766993“My husband and I were suppose to be sitting together” I hear a frustrated passenger complain as her husband who does not share her disappointment gives other passengers high fives in the background.

You just never know what simple things can make a man so happy.




Do you have ten pounds of stuff to pack in a five pound bag? Before you get carried away, be sensible in your packing. Although many airlines now charge for checked bags, you are not going to make many friends if you try to bring everything and the kitchen sink as carry on luggage.


carlton_airtec_large_pink_suitcase Don't think that because “Snake Oil Sam” at your local luggage store told you that his trunk with wheels is an “Airline Carry On Special” that it is true.







I see quite a few semi's rolling through the airport. You may get pass the ticket counter, through security, even the gate agent but you will be disappointed at the airplane if you have to check it.

Pack your medicines and valuables in a true carry on bag before you get to the airport. Also, do not pack any liquid or gels larger than 3 ounces in your carry on bags or you may encounter the wrath of TSA.

Put toiletries in a zip lock plastic bag with easy access. I find it much better to put these items in a separate bin when going through security and I think it will help keep you of “The No-Fly” list.


Picture 030 Are you taking the first flight in the morning like I recommended earlier?

Good Night Mary Ellen, Good Night John Boy.





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