Monday, July 5, 2010

Who's Going Have A Pleasant Airline Experience




jeopardy-pic I am ATC Trebek.

Welcome, To Air Travel Jeopardy where contestants help us discover The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of airline travel.






Contestant Number One, tell us a little about yourself.


Shadow Man Well ATC, I am from Detroit and I use to have a name but then it was taken when I took almost 17 hours to fly round trip from Detroit to Las Vegas on Air Tran.

However, I did save $35!




Contestant Number Two


Carol-Burnett ATC, I am just happy I had a great pair of running shoes.






Contestant Number Three


nofly ATC, “A” I just returned from 8 hours in Vancouver and I can't stop saying “A” but “A” I am excited to be outside the zone, “A”.






Contestant Number Four,


Julia Hi ATC, I drove here in my Audi but next time I think I will use my frequent flyer miles.







Thanks contestants, now let me introduce our panel of judges.

Having been quoted in numerous articles, an expert and an avid blog reader please help me welcome “I am just as opinionated as anyone else”.


Steaming%20mad I just don't understand blogs and why people think I want to read their opinions unless I ask for them on a board like this or if they are a true expert in some area.







Joining her, please a round of applause for the ever popular not only in airports but around the country, rkk Starbucks.



bob-bell-bozo-clown-color I would get a Starbucks latte at the airport if that'd make me happy.





Thank you judges. Now let’s start Round One by hearing from our lovely contestants.


Contestant Number One

jeopardy_title2I read the blog yesterday and the take-home message seemed to be - pay more and get a better experience. I only fly when I can get a combo of a cheap price + good routing and usually manage to have a fine experience - but I think attitude has a bit to do with it.




Contestant Number Two

I withdraw my earlier comment...
This blog post goes into the "useless" category. Anyone who claims to be a "savvy" flyer and actually would get on a Spirit Airline flight is crazy.

1. An hour in Atlanta is plenty of time to connect for a domestic trip.


Contestant Number Three


Jep4 Incidentally, I saved about $150 by taking an 8 hour layover in Vancouver the other day. Intentionally, as it gave me the opportunity to bop into downtown (hadn't been there in years). I trust that doesn't violate your sensibilities.



Contestant Number Four

I'm with you all the way. My travel adventure always starts with the flight, not when I arrive at my destination - for me it's not just about the destination but about the getting there too. I maximize the miles I earn on my international flying partners so I can always purchase a slightly-more-expensive ticket in coach for transatlantic/transpacific flights and then upgrade for a more comfortable trip. The extra money is worth it to me. But then, traveling well and often is my priority - that's why I don't go to Starbucks, don't eat out except for special occasions, drive a 15-year-old Audi and wear my things until they start falling apart.


Thank you contestants, now let's play Air Travel Jeopardy!

Contestant Number One

In 2010, one airline offered a cheaper ticket on a non stop flight from Detroit to Las Vegas compared to a connecting flight on Air Tran. For 1500 points, which airline was it?

Contestant Number Two

In 2009, this airport ranked 29th out of 31 for on time performance. For 2000 points and the lead, which airport was it?

Contestant Number Three

Vancouver, is located in the country of my birth, “A”. For 3000 points, “A”, which country is it, “A”?

Contestant Number Four

For 10,000 points and the win. This tool is often used to hit “The Nail On The Head”, what is it?

Contestant Number Four, you have just won this episode of Air Travel Jeopardy! You have clearly demonstrated a knowledge beyond reproach on how to navigate the dangers of air travel.


v121 You are on your way to having a pleasant airline experience with an all expense paid trip to your favorite destination courtesy of “I Hope Others Would Get The Point” Travel Agency.








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