Monday, July 12, 2010

Airlines Pay $27,000 Per Passenger


I am told about a recent event that highlights the problems and misunderstandings of the new passengers bill of rights.


piggy-bank-on-money-md1 With a mechanical delay, it was decided to deplane about 200 passengers to avoid the new 3 Hr Delay Limit.




Noticing one lady remaining seated, a flight attendant approaches and again begins to inform her of the need to deplane.  To the flight attendant's surprise, the customer stated she would prefer to stay on the airplane and get paid the $27,000!


Qantas-747-400-0 One particular airline flies a 747-400 with approximately 400 passengers. If it has to pay the fines on just one fully loaded airplane how much would it be?


Wait here's a calculator. $108,00,000 for passengers on ground longer than 3 HR time limit. That’s just for one flight. What if this airlines has 2 flight delays?  Wow!

OK,  so which airline is going to pay that kind of a fine?

Given the option to return to gate, deplane passengers or cancel a flight completely without fines or penalties. What should a cash strapped and financially responsible airline do?

Any option it chooses except paying a fine will only delay your flight further.


untitled The passenger bill of rights is bad for passengers and airlines because it does not address the real main issues of the delays weather and air traffic control restrictions.


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